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"Ex Campo di Volo" urban park in Pistoia

International competition

Pistoia (PT), Italy

Andreas Kipar - LAND Srl

G2BA Architetti Associati

Franchi Associati


Comune of Pistoia

The general aim of the competition is to rehabilitate a large area on the south of the city of Pistoia with an urban landscape park. This zone, called "ex campo di volo", is rich of potentials, in fact will soon host the new hospital and is located near to the motorway, on the north, and the river Ombrone on the south.

The proposal concerns a great park, on urban and metropolitan scale, with facilities areas for leisure, sports and relax. The park will be connected to the existing naturalistic paths along the river Ombrone and the hills of Pistoia, including the "art parks" and the historical site of the garden displaced along the territory.

The layout of the park is based on the network of the rivers, torrents and creeks, that form the "nervous system" of this huge organism.

The three main entrances, one near Pontelungo, another close at the new hospital site and the last one in the south area, are the links from the park to the territory and the countryside.

Relevant topics of the project are:

  • integrated design of the park with the countryside;
  • continuance between green spaces of the park and green area of the new hospital;
  • preserve the skyline of the city and of the hills landscape;
  • improve the sport facilities;
  • integrate the paths with the facilities of the south side of the Ombrone river;
  • improve the naturalism of the Brusigliano creek;
  • integrate the overflow with a recreational, cultural and educational zone with the creation of a wetland;
  • new thematic paths;
  • create a relationship between the park and the rich garden centers of the region;
  • protection of the water supply artesian well;
  • improve the ecological and landscape networks of the area;