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Furniture design

Ankara, Turkey

G2BA Architetti Associati



The client request concerning the design of two lines of home furniture: one for a high profile target, the second one is an economy series. Moreover a line of wooden doors is designed, which is dedicated to the city of Tuscany.

The design criteria are:

  • Small thickness of the wood panels;
  • Modularity of the elements;
  • Easy to build and to assembling;
  • Absence of the decorative elements;
  • Three basic colours (wenge, sessile oak - rovere, white);
  • One (or two) metal handle typology;
  • Basic and clear lines;
  • Practical characters;
  • Multifunction qualities (i.e. bed+case, wardrobe+bureau, wardrobe+TV board, wardrobe+mirror, showcase+bureau, extension table, etc.)