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24 Apartments in S.Pietro a Vico

S.Pietro a Vico (LU), Italy

G2BA Architetti Associati

Franchi Lunardini partners



The three buildings have 8 flats each and are positioned in the centre of a wide, flat plot of land that can be edified. The edifices are not following the axis but are slightly rotated one towards the other in order to give an always different and dynamic vision of the intervention on behalf of the observer point of view.

The buildings allotted for flats have a simple building concept. Outside they are characterised by a layer of cladding made of axis of wood placed on a metallic structure. The wood elements, of different types, have a larger or smaller disposition in function of the rooms in the back flats. Their presence is not just aesthetical but they contribute to both mitigate the sunrays and, togheter with the garden project, to a better environmental fitting. The connective spaces between one edifice and the others have the same stylistic register and the same finishing touches.