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Restoration of Palazzo Guadagni Strozzi Sacrati for the Presidenza of Giunta Regionale Toscana

1th step 2003
2nd step 2004
Piazza del Duomo, Florence (FI), Italy


architectural and decorstive set survey

G2BA Architetti Associati

conservation project


G2BA Architetti Associati

Giusy Suardi

structural engineer

Studio Blasi


Regione Toscana

Centro Leasing spa

Locafit spa

The Guadagni Strozzi Sacrati Palace is one of the most important palaces of Florence. It is located in Piazza del Duomo right in front of the apse of Santa Maria in Fiore, under the cupola drown by Filippo Brunelleschi. The restoration is finalized by the realization of the Presidential Council of Tuscany. The general coordination of the project is under the direction of the Spira Study in Florence.

Particular care has been given to the sumptuous decorative apparatus of the palace including stuccos, frescos and mural paintings of great value. The surfaces of all the noble floors or the ones that were showing historical and artistic values have been surveyed and analysed. It has been assessed the adherence of the decorated plasters to the underneath walls, the cohesion of the mortar and colours, and analysed the frame of the fissures. Per each type of degradation it has been indicated the intervention procedure by organizing a series of systematic operations aiming to the preservation and the integrity of the surfaces.